Welcome to Mask Shiba Club

MASK SHIBA CLUB (MSC) is a collection of 3999 art pieces that will be minted & stored upon the blockchain. All images and metadata are stored in IPFS forever.Our goal is to build a "NFT Upcoming Projects" Website in the Metavese,other nft projects will list to our "NFT Upcoming Projects" Website,and all MSC NFT holders can get all the future's NFT projects' airdrops, whitelists or other benefits, We give you all REAL benefits in the future, not like most of the fake project.

Other project told you they will buy a metaverse after mint, but we are now bought a metaverse place and have entered the Metaverse.We have metaverse office now and Binance US is our Neighborhood😆( more details see our discord) and all MSC holders can go to our metaverse, join our events. more things coming soon.

Mask Shibas created for reminding all people around the world to cooperate and kill the Covid-19 as you can see we created over 30 countries flag masks.

We will share 50% Royalties to our initial helpers and contributors, You can free to get our VIP seats now, All VIPs can free to get 50% Profits of Royalties on secondary market trades and last for 1 year( Real and Big Money😍 ).